Accessory Work

Dumbbell incline
2 sets at 30# of 10 reps
2 sets at 37.5# of 10 reps

EZ bar curls
2 sets at 40# of 10 reps
2 sets at 50# of 10 reps

Scapula pull-ups
3 sets of 10 reps

Alternating leg and knee raises on parallel bars
4 sets of 8 reps

Butterfly sit ups
4 sets of 10 reps

Push jerk
2 sets at 95# of 10 reps
2 sets at 115# of 10 reps

Neutral grip pull ups
4 sets of 10 reps

Snatch Balance with the bar
3 sets of 5 reps

Stay away from legs on this workout. Back was still semi sore from getting back into it with the deadlifts a few days back. Plan on attacking my workouts this week.


Power Cleans

Warm up: Static stretch + bottom of squat holds + 30″ box jumps

Strength: 20 min. Technique work

Hang Power Clean Complex:

1 Power Clean

1 Hang Power Clean from above the knee

1 Hang Power Clean from below the knee

WOD: 4 Rounds for time

200 meter sprint

12 Power Clean

12 plate Overhead lunges

2 wall walks

Post WOD: 6 min. AMRAP

20 second Flutter kicks

Results: 18:44
Never got to do the post WOD. My neighbor called me over to check out his garage and we ended up doing a bi and tri workout. Kinda bummed I missed out on the post WOD.

Deadlifts then WOD It Out

Warm up: 3 rounds

20 Lunges

10 Superman holds

10 Inch worms with push-ups

20 Handstand hold

Strength: High Rep Deadlift

5 sets of 25 Deadlifts

WOD: 20 min. AMRAP

15 American KBS

50 Double unders

5 Pull-ups

Results: Strength 115-115-115-115-161

WOD 2 rounds 6 double unders
91 total reps.

So proud that I was able to complete a round because I struggle with double unders. So cool that I learned from the previous WOD including double unders and transitioned it into this one. Awesome feeling!

Turning 30 AGAIN

Warm up: Stretch + 800 meter run

WOD: 2 rounds For time

30 Double unders (or 60 singles)

30 push-ups

30 Box Jumps 30″ (maaaaaaaan)

30 seconds handstand hold (or 60 second top of push-up hold)

30 Toes to bar (practiced kipping with legs straight. Never got toes to bar but this motion will get me there)

30 Burpees

30 seconds handstand hold (or 60 second top of push-up hold)

30 pull-ups

Post WOD: 8 min AMRAP

Barbell overhead squats

Results: 47:52

Post WOD: 30 tiring reps. Worked on going slow to be able to balance the weight. Also felt that the more engaged the shoulders were the easier it was to complete a rep.

First round of double unders were mixed in with singles… Second round was complete singles.

Woke up today with sore shoulders. Thought I’d workout later in the day to allow them to loosen up. Felt stiff all day. Still went ahead and tackled the WOD at a moderate pace but felt burnt and tired. Glad tomorrow is a rest day. I penciled in some shoulder mobility for tomorrow.

Accessory Day

Accessory day:
3 sets of 15 standing calve raises 70# dumbbells
3 sets of 10 sled leg press 225#
3 sets of 8 bench press 155#
3 sets of 10 incline dumbbell 45#
3 sets of 10 back squat 135#
3 sets of 5 military press 50#
3 sets of 10 dumbbell shrugs 70#
3 sets of 10 EZ bar curls 60#
3 sets of 10 EZ bar skull crushers 50#

Results: 264 total reps

C&J, T2B, and Double Unders

Warm up: 40 Burpees then 40 Hollow Rock

Strength: Find 3RM Overhead squat

WOD: For time w/ 15 min. Time cap


Clean and Jerk

Toes to bar

Double unders


Strength: 91# and a ugly 115#

WOD: 11 reps into the 21 double unders before the 15 mins time cap completed. Failed miserably. But i’m 11 reps of double unders better than yesterday. I didn’t string them all together. At one point strung 2 in a row. Still a daunting task for me to do but i’m up for the challenge. When the time completed I ended up working on kipping motion for the toes to bar.

Push Press and Snatch

WOD: 4 rounds

4 Push press, 115#

15 double unders

20 Abmat sit-ups

Double unders still need work… Still need to keep doing these but I completed the workout with a ton of mess ups on the double unders

Post WOD:
Attempt weighted snatch.
45#, 91#

Went with bar first then added the 23# plates on each side. I was pumped. First time doing this movement and was proud that I had to confidence to get underneath the bar and stand up out of a partial squat. Ended up doing about 5 or 6 reps at this weight.