Overhead, KB Snatches, and Abs

Warm up: Static Stretch + practice KB snatch

Strength: 15 min. EMOTM 2 Clean & Jerk

Results: 115# the whole 15 mins

WOD: 4 rounds for time

150 Jump rope singles

12 ground to overhead, 96#

16 Alternating KB snatches, 26#

20 seconds handstand holds

44 sit-ups

Results: 30:23


Double-unders, Toes to Bar, Handstand Push-Ups

Pre WOD:

4 Rounds

20 second handstand hold

12 Sumo Deadlift High Pull, 115#


7:27 with 18 toes to bars. Will scale down to 96 next time:

SDLHP are to be done unbroken. If athlete comes off the SDLHP early they must do 6 toes to bar.

WOD: 15 min. AMRAP

30 Double unders

15 Toes to bar or knees to bar

5 Handstand push-ups


4 complete rounds, 200 reps

Attempted double-unders for 1 min each round then switched to singles. Some rounds were better than others. Never performed more than 9 double-unders and they were broken.