Dumbbell Snatches for Time

Warm up: Stretch + 4 Rounds for time

20 second plank hold

20 meter bear crawl

20 meter push 45 lb plate

Skill Training: EMOTM for 12 min.

3 Power Snatch, 45 lbs (bar)

2 Overhead Squat, 45 lbs (bar)

WOD: For time

50 Alternating Dumbbell Snatches, 35 lbs


Warm up: 7:46

WOD: 2:55

What a difference doing the warm up outside was. Bear crawling in grass and doing mountain climbers because I would tear up the lawn with the 35lb plate.

EMOTM felt good… Finished every round with 35-40 seconds left. The movement felt good and I definitely came a long way with this one.

WOD I owned it.