Deadlifts, Strict Press, Double Unders, Kettlebell Swings, and More


Deadlift         5×5 75%

Results: 166 lbs

Strict Press  4×6 55%

Results: 96 lbs


4 Rounds for time

50 double unders

25 Russian kettlebell swing

5 Handstand push-ups

200 meter run

Results: 25:32

First round I capped my double unders at 5 mins. I completed 32 reps. Second round it capped it at 4 mins and completed 15 reps. Third round was capped at 3 mins and processed about 8 reps or so. And fourth round I capped at 2 mins and proceeded to singles to complete the 50.

Double unders are so hit or miss. I get on a run and string out a few and then there are times where I can’t get them going. I figured it out without figuring it out yet. If that makes sense. My last few attempts at double unders have been completely better than before. Got to keep practicing.


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