Warm up: Bear Crawl + 15 min. Squat Therapy

Strength: 3×10 Snatch Balance

Results: First set with PVC pipe and second 2 sets of 10 were with the barbell. When I finished this I performed the squat snatch with 91#, 96#, and 115# for singles and was blown away at being able to sit in the squat before standing it up.

WOD: For time

25 Push-ups

25 Box Jumps

35 Pull-ups

35 Burpees

45 Air Squats

45 Abmat Sit-ups

55 Double-unders (stick to double unders)

Results: Time cap of 25:00…I’d a been there all night had I not time capped. I only got about 5 double unders in. Something doesn’t feel right when I’m doing them. Thought they were progressing in earlier workouts and now it’s completely not there. Can’t pin point it at this point.

With every victory comes a fall! It’s clear what I need instructions on.


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