Lunges, Front Squats, Abs, and Jump Ropeken

Warm up: Stretch + circulate through broad jumps & double under practice

Strength: Find heavy Front Squat Complex From Rack

2 front squat
10 second hold on front shoulder rack
1 front squat

Results: Cleaned each weight due to no rack

Completed 3 sets each of complex at 91# and 115#

Completed 6 sets of complex at 161#

Total of 12 sets.

WOD: 4 Rounds for time
10 front rack lunges, 91 lbs
12 Front Squats, 91 lbs
30 Abmat sit-ups
30 double unders

Results: 18:55

Went unbroken transitioning from lunges to front squats every round.

Performed the double unders as best as I could. Mixed in singles, double unders, then back to singles or sometimes was able to go double unders for 2-4 till broken then repeat.

Last round I completed 60 singles.


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