Muscle Snatch and Overhead Squats

Warm up: World’s greates stretch + PVC shoulder mobility + bottom of squat holds

Skill: Muscle Snatch + overhead squat

WOD prep: find your weight

Weight of 70#

WOD: For Time: 15-12-9-6

Muscle Snatch

Overhead Squat



During the skill I experimented with 65#, 95#, 75#, and 70#. Each weight I performed 5 reps of both movements. When I attempted the 95#, muscle snatches were good. The overhead squats I only got 2 reps before failure. I’m pretty proud of that. I wasn’t trying to go heavy, just trying to get comfortable with it. I felt comfortable at 70# for the WOD. I recorded the 70# complex and watched it before I started the WOD to see where I could clean up. I tried to focus on going deeper into the squats. Felt good that I was on my heels for the overhead squat.


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