8 is 8


Thanks again to Crossfit Strong for their hospitality.

Warm up:
2 rounds:
10 shoulder pass throughs
10 good mornings
5 pull-ups
5 chest to bar pull-ups
10 squat stretches
10 deadlifts just the bar

WOD (W):
8 Chest 2 Bar
8 Deadlift 135 lbs
8 Burpee over Bar
8 Deficit HSPU

3 full rounds. 5 HSPU’s away from completing the 4th round.

Post WOD: 500m row
I asked if I could use the rower to cool down and they didn’t mind. My first go on the rower. Deciding to just go for 500m since I was already tired. Wanted to go for 5 mins just to cool down but 500m seemed pretty good. I really worked for those 500m’s too.


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