Unbroken Baker

Dropped into Crossfit Strong while in Texas this morning…

Warm Up: 2 rounds


10 pvc pass throughs

10 good mornings

10 strict pull-ups

10 stretch lunges

10 push press (just the bar)

10 front squats (just the bar)

10 wall balls 20lb

2 rounds for time:
31 Push Press (75-115/55-95) 65lbs
31 FrontSquats (75-115/55-95) 65lbs
53 WallBalls (20/14) 10lbs
*All Unbroken. 10 Burpee every time you break. A break is a pause in movement or dropping of equipment

Results: 33:26 with 65 pounds on the bar and 10 pound ball. There was a 31 min time cap but the coaches pushed me across the finish line. Felt good to finish. Burpees were tough in this. Goal was to try to do less than 100 burpees… I think I exceeded that by about 40 or 60. Shoulders were hit pretty hard today. Looking forward to tomorrow.

Coaches helped with my push press and staying back on my heels and keeping the shoulder rack position on the dip before exploding up. Also helped with front squat positioning of my feet. Felt good about the form. Wall balls were tough…On the last round when I got to the wall balls I banged out 15, then 18, then 20…they really pushed me to get there. Course the burpees were done after each break. Coach Carlos would be proud man. We came along way and the front rack position was solid.


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