Bench Press and Sit-ups

Warm up: 3 rounds of bear crawl + max effort plank holds + PVC pass through + superman rock + hollow rock

Strength: Find 3RM Bent Over Rows

WOD: 4 Rounds for time

12 Bench Press, 155 lbs

50 Abmat sit-ups


WOD: 26:14

Abs were a challenge. Last 2 rounds were the bust it all out rounds. Surprised myself on the last round of the bench press when I broke up my last 4 reps into 2’s. First one I tired on the second rep and took about a 3 breath break and banged out the last 2 reps. I couldn’t believe it and then wasted no time getting through the abs… Wanted to get under 25 mins and was busting it. I wasn’t clock watching and tried to do so. Last 5 reps were the toughest out of the 50.


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