“Nancy” (Scaled)

Warm up: Bergener warm up with PVC + barbell snatch grip presses from back rack + double under attempts in the middle of singles

WOD Level 2: For time “Nancy” scaled

5 Rounds for time

15 overhead squats

400 meter run

Results: 23:02

Finally got the timing down for double unders…excited to continue practicing them going forward. Tips from Coach Carlos really helped.

During “Nancy”, its funny how when your in a grove everything just works itself out. Like the focus on the form, rhythm, and pace all sort of come together. Once I got in a grove felt everything was one and banged out the OHS’s unbroken every round. I’m looking forward to building up to the weight and doing this again. Performed the first round with the Training Mask 2.0 on set at 15,000 feet altitude setting. Though there was no weight on the bar I still felt the impact of the workout and it felt good… Note to myself, don’t wear basketball shorts while doing OHS.


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