Snatches and 400’s

Video credit by @Carter321go on instagram

Warm up: wrist mobility + bear crawl + high kicks + bar good mornings

WOD: 5 Rounds for time

15 Lateral burpee buy-in

15 Snatch, 65 lbs

400 Meter run

Results: Completed in 20:46. Did this on the track with Coach Carlos… Tons of tips from him to help with  form and efficiency. Looking forward to doing it again.

Did this workout earlier in the week but with front squats and it took me 49 mins to complete it… Went with 95lbs of weight and did the burpees every round. Not making excuses just have to ask more questions in regards to what terms mean, such as “buy-in” which means “kick it off with these for the first round” as I understand it to be now.

Still things I need to correct but that’s the beauty of this thing… Always something to fix or work on.


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