Burpees, Front Squats, Clean and Press

Warm up: Static Stretch + Dynamic Stretch

WOD: 4 Rounds for time

15 Lateral Burpees buy-in

10 Front Squats, 95 lbs

15 Clean and shoulder to overhead (jerk or press), 95 lbs

400 meter run

Post WOD: 4 rounds

75 meter sprint

Result: 49:04

Feeling: I felt slow today. Even though I was clock watching but just felt slow. Feel like its taking me a round or 2 to get completely loose. Before working out I also performed the worlds greatest stretch because I felt I wasn’t loose enough. Wish I had took note of the clock at the start of round 3 and on to see how I fared after I felt completely loose. The running was by far the easiest part of this workout. Active recovery! As of now I feel good and really focused on the cleans during the workout. I ended up going with the press instead of the jerk and I felt like I handled it well. The 95lb weight was a good challenge.

At the last round someone had swiped the collar ties off my bar and I tracked them down and retrieved them after I noticed it when I completed the front squats. That prob added 30-40 seconds of wasted time.


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