Burpees, Thrusters, and Rows

Warm up: Bottom of the squat holds + broad jumps + bear crawl

Pre WOD: For time

800 meter run

WOD: For time



Thruster, 95 lbs

Bent over row, 95 lbs

Post WOD: For time

400 meter run


Pre WOD: 6:11
WOD: 16:33
Post WOD: 3:18

Total WOD Time: 26:02

Feeling: I’m worn out. Allergies are kicking my butt. As far as overall feeling? I feel so tired. Much needed rest day tomorrow. I’m surprised I was able to get through the workout. Being so tired into the workout I was surprised at how low I was still able to get on the thrusters. I paid attention to that. The bent rows were basically active recovery for me the way I would be able to get through them from the second round on without breaking them up. The burprees were tiring in itself. This week definitely got me to another level mentally. If there was any workout I wanted to quit right when it started, it was this one. Glad I accomplished it and powered through. Had to really embrace the discipline today.


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