Strict Pull-Ups and Gymnastics

Warm up: 3 min. wrist mobility + 3 min. PVC shoulder pass through + 3 min. foam roll or ball roll

Workout 1: 6 rounds for quality

6-8 strict pull-ups

1 top of pull-up max hold

15 hollow rock

15 superman rock

Workout 2: 60 alternating plyo box step up, 24″ at 15 lbs – 25 lbs dumbbells for quality

Results: Workout 1 gave me a new found respect for gymnasts. What a workout that was. I feel like i’m getting stronger on the strict pull-ups. I targeted 6 per round. During the max hold I aimed for anything over 5 seconds. Couple of times I was able to go to 6 seconds on the hold. Hollow rock was a good hit to my core. Superman rock I powered through those.

Workout 2 I timed it but focused on quality reps. Ended with a time of 5:46. I used the 25 pound dumbbells as well.

Feeling: “Wow” to all you gymnasts out there. I’m still feeling it from yesterdays workout and this one was no cakewalk. Love how my body is responding to all these workouts lately. I feel sore but not broken. I’m feeling the soreness mainly in the lower back muscles.


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