100 Reps A Round

Warm up: 8 rounds of Tabata plank hold + PVC overhead squat practice + wrist mobility

Strength: Find heavy snatch grip push press


WOD: AMRAP 30 min.

20 second handstand hold

20 alternating dumbbell snatch, 45 lbs

20 squats

20 alternating dumbbell snatch, 45 lbs

20 abmat sit-ups




Would’ve tried 150lbs but didn’t have a spotter. Do feel like I would’ve nailed it too. Another reminder to get wrist wraps. 145 had some trouble but only with the reracking of the moment. Almost slipped but the fact that I still had control was a indicator that I know I could’ve gotten 150.

WOD: 520 reps

Finished off with 20 second handstand hold with 2 seconds to spare on the start of the 6th round.

Around the 3rd round is when I found a nice balance of pace with the, shall I call it, death by dumbbell snatches at 45 pounds. Tried to focus on form and rhythm of pace. Felt broken after the 3rd round but the progression of the 4th round was motivation to power the 5th round. No quit ended up starting the 20 handstand hold with 22 seconds left.

I imagined I was in competition and the person ahead of me stopped after the fifth round…that motivated me to jump right into the handstand holds to finish them off.

Feeling: Wondered who would do this to themselves haha. Feel accomplished but yet humbled by the nature of the workout. I feel great and what a way to start off after a days rest. Feel pretty proud but the body also feels good too. 


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