Deadlift, Clean, and Press

Warm up: 3 rounds

20 meter bear crawl

20 second plank hold

20 squats

Strength: Find 1RM Push Press

WOD: 3 rounds for time

12 Deadlift, 115 lbs

9 Hang Power Clean, 115 lbs

6 Push Press, 115 lbs


Push Press strength:

1 rep max was 165 lbs on the push press.

WOD:  First round was done with 115. Completed the rest of the WOD scaled down to 95. Forearms are on fire. Completed time of 7:52.

Feeling: Feel tight on my right side behind my lat area. Kinda like a pull. When I workout, if I don’t feel like i’m sweating, I feel like i’m not working. This was one of those exercises where I was sweating right into it. Made me realize that I need chalk for my hands.

Feel like my lifts are getting better and cleaner. Wanted to work on the hook grip for the hang power clean but it was just a awkward feeling for it in the motion of the workout. Just the movement from the shoulder back down to the hang was the tricky part of the hook grip on the power clean.

On the last round I powered through the push press to complete it. The bounce when you bring it back to the shoulder rack position really helps build a rhythm for the half second rest before you load for the press again. I learned so much from this WOD.

Focused on pace, form, grip, momentum, and staying in my lane. I prob could’ve completed the WOD at 115 but I would have to build up the forearms more and/or focus on where to actively rest them on workouts. This was a good workout that I found out a lot about where I am within myself. 


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