50, 50, 50 and TIME

Warm up: Static Stretch + Dynamic Stretch + Back Extensions + Good mornings

WOD: For time “Arnold”

50 Back squat, 135 lbs

50 Deadlift, 135 lbs

50 Bench Press, 135 lbs

Post WOD: Recover + Feel swollen

Result: 21:12

Feeling: I did a thorough job stretching for this one. Like really focused on it more with the back extensions to help warm it up. Cycled through the stretching and took my time with it.

I blasted through the squats and powered through the deadlifts. It was amazing cause I thought those 2 would be the biggest drain on me. Squats I only stopped once at around 30 reps.

With the deadlifts I broke those up into quick sets of anywhere from 5-10 reps. The best part was when I hit 30 reps and gathered myself. I ripped off 10 reps and broke up the last two reps into 5’s. Felt so strong doing those 10 in a row.

When I got to the bench I started off pretty good. Ripped off 10 straight, then went 7, then that’s where I started breaking them down. There was one set where I went for 7 and on the last one I struggled to get it up. Started breaking them down into quick sets of 2 from there. Nevertheless, I made it to 50. I was aiming for 19 mins or less but I ain’t complaining. I thought I was going to be there for 30 or so minutes going into this. Feel real accomplished with this one. Felt good too. Like the rest day really was a good factor and yesterdays workout was a good warm-up to this one. Looking forward to doing this one again in the future.


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