Snatch that over your head…

Warm up: Stretch + 4 Rounds for time

20 second plank hold

20 meter bear crawl

40 alternating mountain climbers

Skill Training: EMOTM for 12 min.

3 Power Snatch, 5-10 lb weighted bar

2 Overhead Squat, 5-10 lb weighted bar

WOD: For time

50 Alternating Dumbbell Snatches, 35 lbs


Warm up completed in 6:43.

Skill training workout I misplayed this one. Every minute on the minute I alternated minutes of 3 power snatches then the next minute I did 2 overhead squats…It did not dawn on me till I got home that I was supposed to do both exercises in that minute. Yea I learned this the hard way. Wish I could have this one back because i was in such a zone. Felt like Larry Bird going for 60 points in a game.

WOD took me 5:17. Powered through my last 10 reps like BAUCE!

Feeling: Feel like I could do this one again, right now! Man I feel good, feel strong, look like my body is morphing. Man I feel good and truly blessed with being healthy right now.


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