Clean that bench!

Warm up:

Practice the squat + bottom of the squat holds + double under attempts + ankle mobility excercises

Pre WOD:

Bent over rows


WOD: For time w/ 12 min. time cap


Power Clean, 95 lbs

Bench Press, 135 lbs


Double under’s are still a working progress. Will probably incorporate it into my “downtime, something to do” when I feel the need to clear the mind or focus on something else or even to just be active and productive.

Pre WOD:


I practiced my lifts off the ground to perfect my form with every lift. Focused on chest up and shoulders engaged before lifting. I may be able to go up in weight for my 3 RM but maybe not.


Finished with 2-4-6-8-12 and my last rep of the bench I pushed it to either finish a second before the 12 minute mark or right on the 12 minute mark. I had 6 reps to complete with 30 seconds left and attacked it like a untamed beast. For some reason it took me about 10 seconds or so to gather the bar off the rack being so tired but I knew I was going 6 unbroken reps. The competitiveness came out of me in that moment.

As far as the cleans, the practicing of the grip is what I felt slowed me down a bit but it was the practicing of the grip that was the focus here. Was focusing on riding the bar up my shins, moving my knees out of the way, thrusting my hips to help momentum the bar up to the shoulders and felt very successful and accomplished doing so. Still needs work but knowing the mistakes is half the battle here. Will continue the moments on my rest day tomorrow with PVC and working on flexibility along with squat holds.

Man I feel so determined to get this form down. Meeting with coach yesterday got me pumped and fired up. Next move is to set minimal goals and accomplishments. Think i’m gonna have to sit with coach to do that.


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