10, 9, 8, 7, 6…

Warm up: Worlds greatest stretch + dynamic leg stretches (Frankenstein) + good mornings with barbell on back and jump as you stand up.

WOD: For time


Deadlift, 185 lbs

Handstand push-ups on even reps

Push-ups on odd reps

Post WOD:
Bottom of the squat holds + recover


Completed this in 15:56. First set of HSPU’s were the toughest. That is when I decided to mix in the push-ups instead of keeping it totally HSPU’s. Felt like that’s what the body was telling me so I listened. Its very important to listen to your body when working out. I think we can all agree on that.

After the first set I got into a rhythm and started going at a solid pace. The second set of HSPU’s were much easier. I’m assuming it was because the muscles got warm after the first round.

Deadlifts on the other hand got heavier as the rounds went. That was expected. Today there was no interruptions in my workout as I segregated myself in the corner of the gym and it was “go” time.


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