Thrust, burp, then sit

Warm up: Shoulder mobility + PVC pass-through (snatch grip from front to back) + broad jumps + bottom of squat holds

Pre WOD: 3 rounds for quality

10 overhead lunges, 25 lbs plate

10 shoulder lateral raises, 10 lbs

10 calf raises


Find heavy thruster 1 RM

WOD Level 2: 3 rounds for time

5 thruster, 115 lbs

20 Burpees

30 sit-ups


Thrusters 1 RM = 155

WOD Level 2 time: 16:29


Felt good and was planning on doing half the WOD with the training mask on but some one interrupted my workout a minute and 27 seconds into it. She started breaking down the 115 pound bar I had on the squat rack. I ended up grabbing a bar off the bench area and bringing it to the workout area where I completed the burpees and sit-ups. All in all, felt good to finally lift weights due to being away on vacation and creating body weighted WODS on the fly haha.


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