Dirty 6:30

Warm up:
Series of shoulder mobility + worlds greatest stretch + broad jumps + burpees

For time
“Dirty 6:30”
30 Sit-ups
30 Russian dumbbell swings, 55 lbs
30 sit-ups
30 power cleans, 115 lbs
30 Sit-ups
30 alternating dumbbell snatch, 45 lbs


Warm up and half of the WOD were done with the training mask 2.0 set at 18k. Cleans were broken up into sets of 5’s. Took the mask off after I did my 15th clean. Had me breathing heavy but that’s what the mask does. It expands the lungs. Sit ups from second set on were broken up. Really felt the abs firing. Ended up strong on the dumbbell snatch. All in all, it took me 17:03 to complete this WOD.


Challenged, yet accomplished. Muscles are starting to react differently. Soreness isn’t being felt till the tail end of the day. Trainer Los got my blood flowing with these prescribed workouts. Legs don’t feel like jello from the squats I did yesterday, they just feel slightly sore. Like I said, my body is reacting differently than it did a few weeks ago. Shoulders are being worked well lately. Oh and if you like the title of this workout, thank Trainer Los for it. Visit his page for more motivation with the link provided below.



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