Warm up:
3 rounds
5 squats
3 sit-ups
2 push-ups
1 pull-ups

Find 1 RM back squat

2 min. AMRAP
Back squat, 95 lbs


Warm up:
2 mins exact as I timed this after a thorough stretch.
135 = 5 reps
185 = 5 reps
225 = 3 reps

Had spotters:
275 = 1 rep
315 = 1 rep (probably could’ve gone down just a tad bit lower but man what a personal accomplishment of doing this. Last time I did this was the year 2000.)

53 tiring muscle firing reps. I was targeting 60+ reps but we will revisit this workout again.


I enjoyed this workout. Felt great after it and prob could do another workout right now. But going into it I was sore from a real rest day followed by active recovery basketball. Only reason why I’m sore is because the basketball game was more physical than any other game we played. I planned to use the mask today but didn’t get to it during any of the workouts.


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