Push-ups and deadlifts

Warm up:
Worlds greatest stretch and PVC overhead squats

10 min. AMRAP
15 push-ups
7 deadlift 135 lbs
Rest 3 min.

7 min. AMRAP
10 push-ups
7 deadlift, 135 lbs
Rest 3 min.

4 min AMRAP
5 push-ups
7 deadlift, 135 lbs


10 min. AMRAP = 8 rounds = 176 reps
7 min. AMRAP  = 6 rounds = 102 reps
4 min. AMRAP = 4 rounds.. 2 reps short of 5 rounds. = 58 reps

Total of 18 rounds at 336 reps, HIT ME!


Did the warm up with the training mask 2.0 set at 18,000. I try to incorporate usage of the mask in some part of my workout if I can. There’s such a drastic difference and helps build the lungs.

As I got later in the rounds in the first AMRAP push ups were broken up in 5 reps a set but the deadlifts were performed at a steady diet.

The second AMRAP went with no glitch or break ups.

Third AMRAP had me plowing through the push-ups and breaking up the deadlifts into 4 to 5 reps then finish off the 2 to 3 reps for completion of the round. Also fell 2 reps short of completing the my 5th round but man was I going…

Finally, I feel good. But the workout soreness has been known to creep up on me more later in the day than after the workout. But its a good soreness. I’m passed the achy, I can’t get out of bed, soreness.


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