Dumbbell snatch, handstand hold, and sit-ups

Warm up:
Stretch + shoulder mobility exercises

Snatch grip overhead press – from back rack
Start with bar and work up to moderate weight – be safe!

8 min. AMRAP
10 alternating dumbbell snatch, 35 lbs (5 each arm – touch and go)
20 second hand stand holds
30 sit-ups

Post WOD:
Look  up online – worlds greatest stretch


Strength weight at 3 reps
All 3 reps completed.

Completed 120 reps total… 2 complete rounds.

I definitely found my new favorite stretch. Loved that I this was prescribed because I am looking to get a little bit more limber. Felt like this was a needed WOD. Slightly scaled back but something the body needed.


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