Bench press and sumo deadlift high pull

Warm up:
Tabata plank hold for 8 rounds
20 second hold
10 second rest
Find 1 RM bench press
Use the following schematic for finding your daily one rep max:
1st set at 30-50%/8 reps/rest 2 min
2nd set at 60%/5 reps/rest 2 min
3rd set at 70%/3 reps/rest 3 min
4th set at 80%/1 rep /rest 3 min
5th set at 100%/1 rep
5 rounds for quality
10 bench press at 75% Body weight. (135 lbs is ideal)
20 sumo deadlift high pull, 65 lbs


WOD time 17:57

205 1 rep max bench
Dropped the sumo weight down to 55 but still was broken.


The sumo deadlift high pull was killer after the bench. I mean granted this was a alternate for not having a row machine but the effect of it on the workout were duly felt. Glad I worked through this WOD.


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