DB Thrusters and Burpees

WOD 1:


Thrusters with 15# DB’s


WOD 2:

3 rounds of:

10 deadlifts with 50# DB’s

10 butterfly sit-ups

Got the blood flow going this morning with the first workout. Needed to breathe heavy again coming off of being sick. Needed to get back in the grind. Love the mental state I go into with these workouts. Wished I made it 21-18-15 instead of 15-12-9. Probably will do this one again soon with 21-18-15 reps.


Row, 5K, and Row


1000M row,

5k run,

1000M row

Results: I completed the first row in 4:23 and the final row in 4:35…My run lasted about 28 minutes on the treadmill.


I paced myself today with the rowing except when I got to the final 200 meter stretch. With the run I tried to completed it as fast as possible on the treadmill even though I hate running on a treadmill. I experienced some shin splints during the run but pushed through that. I’m currently working on mechanics and not time focused right now.

Air Squats, Deadlifts, Rowing, and More

WOD: 4 rounds of

6 alternating DB push-up rows with 25#

20 air squats

8 DB deadlifts with 50#

WOD 2: 5 Mins or 1000 meter row (which ever comes first)

1000M before the 5 mins time cap at a smooth steady pace and pushed it when 4 mins it to get to 1000 meters. Damper setting at 5/6.

Post WOD: 2 sets of

10 DB lunges with 30# (second set was with 35#)

Little Things that Count

Warm Up:

DB curls:

5 reps each arm starting from 5# to 35#

5 reps each arm starting from 35# back down to 5#

WOD 1: 5 rounds

5 DB rows at 35#

5 burpees

5 push ups

WOD 2: 2 rounds

5 bent over lateral raises at 20#

2 DB thrusters at 25# (30# second round)

Post WOD:

2 reps DB thrusters  at 30#, 35#, and 40#

Treadmill for 15 mins. First 10 mins with the Training Mask and last 5 without it. Ran 1.38 miles at a moderate pace.